Let's Get Started!

Thank you for your interest in Tamara's Estate Sales!  

I'm Pam Newby, President of Tamara's Estate Sales (TES).  This is the business Tamara Stacy established in 1992, and I am pleased to carry on the tradition of sales conducted with respect and regard to our customers.

Here's how we would conduct a whole-house sale for you:

You take everything you wish to keep from the house, and leave the rest to us.  Our staff will clean the house and organize every remaining item in the house, including drawers and closets, under the bed, from the basement to the attic, and even the garage!

Depending on the house, this process takes between 3 days and 3 weeks because we take careful consideration of the value of each item.   We want to make your sale the best and most profitable sale possible.

We will inventory your property and send out a mailer detailing the sale to a mailing list of serious buyers that we have developed over the last 14 years.  We will also advertise and promote your sales to the general public to maximize its potential.

We will then conduct, as a turnkey operation with no effort on your part, a public sale over two or three days, depending on the volume of items.

When the sale is over, any remaining items may be donated to charity or disposed of at your discretion. Remaining items of significant value may be held (size permitting) and taken to our next sale (on your behalf).

Then we clean the entire house from floor to ceiling and leave it in a condition that is real estate agent or new homeowner will appreciate.

Each sale is customized to each individual situation, and this is just a generalized sampling of what we can do for you.

Please call us today at 309.662.3838 to schedule a "walk-through" at no charge.

Thank you again for your interest, and we look forward to providing you with the best we have to offer.




Pam Newby
Tamara's Estate Sales